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    Document Deep Dive: Richard Nixon’s Application to Join the FBI

    Fresh out of law school, the future president first hoped he could be one of J. Edgar Hoover’s agents

    by Megan Gambino

    The abridged biography of Richard Nixon, as most know it, goes something like this. Born the son of a grocer and housewife, Nixon grew up in southern California and attended Whittier College, a small liberal arts college less than 20 miles from Los Angeles. He graduated from Duke University’s law school, moved home to California and started practicing law. He was first elected as a U.S. congressman in 1946 and then a senator in 1950, then served as vice president and eventually the president, before resigning in the wake of the Watergate scandal.

    The National Archives, however, adds a surprising little insert into that timeline. That is, a 24-year-old Nixon applied to be a special agent in the FBI in 1937.

    See Nixon’s FBI Application and read more at Smithsonian.com.

    His tie game is strong 

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    Yknow, I haven’t gotten 1000+ notes on a thing in a while so here we go

    tumblr knows what it wants…

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    George W. Bush

    I did a little reading and learned that he was trained on the F-102 Delta Dagger interceptor.

    Sounds pretty cool. I think I will do a week on presidents in the military, which would probably be interesting to a lot of people.

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    Ronald Reagan C. 1927 (by levanrami)

  6. Young Ronald Reagan

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  7. Here’s Lyndon Johnson when he was a senator.

    I’ve been in an LBJ mood since seeing the new play All The Way this past week. It was phenomenal and I got to meet Bryan Cranston briefly! I would highly recommend.


  8. Hi everyone

    There are a lot more of you following now in the last few months. I just wanted to let you know I will be updating this blog again (hopefully) on a daily basis. I hope you enjoy!


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    "talk dirty 2 me"